We provide full technical service to assist our clients to select the most appropriate crusher and associated equipment and implement the project with most suitable machine configuration that will make their business a success. Our Crusher machine products and associated services can help our clients to operate more efficiently while promoting a successful and most reliable infrastructure. We invite you to give us an opportunity to introduce any of our equipment to your project, specifically selected to match your exact requirements. We also provide a range of services including planning for plant including designing, manufacturing, installation, networking, after sales service and consultancies. We commit three guarantees: Guarantee to Repair, Replace and Return. Three assurances: Assurance of product quality of our equipment, credible contracts and excellent service. We provide prompt service to resolve technical issues. As soon as we get request, our service engineer attends the issue and reach within 48 hours anywhere in India and within a week to any place in the world.

1. Kingson’s Pre-sales services:

We act as a good adviser and assistant to the clients; enable them to take suitable decision. Select perfect crusher equipment model or crusher range, design and manufacture products according to client’s customized requirement.

2. Services during the sale:

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) so that the client is fully satisfied before it takes delivery of the equipment. Help clients to draft and conclude plans.

3. Service after sale:

• Installation and fine tuning the equipment.
• Provide training to the operators on site.
• Examine the crusher equipment regularly.
• Attend the complaints and solve their rapidly at client site.
• Deliver perfect service.
• Provide technical support.
• Maintenance of equipment and plants.

4. Concern Person Details-

Vaibhav Singh Rathore
Mob No. +91-9001999721, Fax- 0294-2440235